When we built our service center, we outfitted it with the most up to date diagnostic and inspection equipment because we know everybody is concerned about buying a used car that is a “Lemon” or has problems. So, how does Dream Cars Austin prevent that from happening, you ask? The truth is we or any Dealer can’t 100% guarantee a car won’t have problems. Even brand new cars come with a warranty for a reason! But because we go through so much trouble preparing our cars for sale, we have no problem offering all our vehicles with under 100K miles with a 90 day/3000-mile powertrain warranty. Continue reading about how we inspect and recondition our vehicle in detail!

Once we buy a car, our ASE Certified Technician does a 120+ pt. inspection to determine exactly what it needs. We are serious about this. There two separate checklists prepared for every vehicle; one is mechanical, the other is functional and cosmetic. Here’s how they work:

1. Mechanical Checklist - We drive the vehicle, put it on the lift, inspect the undercarriage, look for oil leaks, change the oil, inspect the brakes, air conditioning, charging system, all the other fluids, etc. Next we repair or replace everything that is necessary. If we find any substantial problems that were missed by our Buyer’s, we will mark the vehicle for wholesale and send it to a dealer auction.
2. Functional/Cosmetic Checklist - Another technician will make sure that all the trim pieces are in place, the power windows, mirrors, cd player, radio, speakers, seats, etc. all work properly. Also note any bumper scuffs, interior blemishes, windshield cracks or stars are noted and slated for repair. This checklist is extensive.

Once we have identified all the reconditioning required, we actually get it done. We also have highly skilled vendors that do the best work restoring interior finishes, painting bumper scuffs, eliminating windshield rock chips, and performing paint-less dent removal. After all the required work is done, each vehicle goes through our exclusive car spa process that restores the luster and shine to the exterior, freshens up the interior by promoting that “new car smell” and makes leather interiors supple and soft and all surfaces shine like new. We then accurately list out all the equipment, options and features and take over 30 pictures which we post on our website and everywhere for everyone to see.

Come visit us and ask to see it on any vehicle we have for sale. We’ve got nothing to hide!